Learn when, how, and why your startup needs to raise funding

As a startup founder, there is always a temptation to raise funds - whether you need it or not. In this stream, we have created courses that teaches founders all they need to know about raising funds for their startup.

Financing Basics

As a founder, it is not enough to just go looking for funding. You must understand when and how that fits into the overall structure of financing the company. Learn about types of financing options, methods of financing available to a startup company as well as startup financing steps.

The Art of the Pitch

An important part of raising funds is pitching to investors. Learn how to craft your brand story, build investor decks and pitch to investors. During this stream, we will prepare and guides you through the art of making a presentation to get the response you want from investors.

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Our on-demand courses under the Funding 101 stream is the perfect resource you need to get you and your team up to speed on all things funding and capital raising.

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