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Today, data is the lifeblood of every company - whether a startup or a Fortune500 company. At Bloomfounder, we believe that the best decisions are those made based on real market data that can be analysed, intepreted and used for making critical business decisions. This stream will also teach your about market demand, competitors, and more

Research before anything else

When starting a new venture, launching a new product, or maintaining your competitive advantage and building your brand, B2B research is essential. To pisition your business for success, don't jump onto the tech before taking proper time to do a proper market research. Learn how to conduct extensive product and market research without compromising on quality and thoroughness.

Research to know, not to confirm

As founders, there is a temptation to conduct market research to confirm that your idea is good (and ultimately steer it into a certain direction because you are looking at the data that speaks to you in a certain way). Real, good market research is about listening to what is happening in a market, understanding the minds of the consumers and adapting your ideas to follow suit.

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