Resources and programs to help you grow your business


Meet New Peers

Join a community of founders in our founders StandUp sessions, meet people in similar verticals and build lasting relationships.


Connect with Potential Investors

Get seen by active stakeholders who are constantly looking for new businesses to invest in.


Get Critical Feedback

We believe that being a founder is progressive. Our coummunity provides an opportunity to get constant feedback from the Bloomfounder teams.


Roburst Curriculum

Our on-demand and live sessions are interactive and tackle the challenges founders face everday.


Get Answers to Questions

Get unstuck fast with weekly 1-on-1 sessions or ask directly via any of our communication channels.


Access to Freebies

Get free unlimited access to templates, courses, guides, coaching and more.

Community Perks - Exclusive Content, Events, and Access.

Our founders community not only provides a safe space where you can discuss challenges with like-minded people but also access hundred of resources that have been designed to help you through every step of your startup journey.

Global Business Directory

Access our proprietary global directory of companies, services or products listed based on niche categories and regions. These businesses have opted to be contacted for partnerships, offers, collaboration, new business opportunities, etc.
Want to get listed?

Founders Group Office Hour

Get access to our member-only group office hours for our founders. The office hour is a bi-weekly check-in session were startup founders share experiences, milestones, and progress on a bi-weekly basis. The recording of the sessions are always available for your to rewatch anytime.

Your Personalized Resource Library

Get unrestricted access to all masterclass and session recordings, Playbooks, tutorials, and AMAs. Engage in continous learning wherever you are with our on-demand knowledge base for founders that covers a wide range of topics.

1:1 Calls with Founder

Schedule a free 1-on-1 call with the Bloomfounder team for your startup and get all your questions answered. With a membership pass, our team becomes your accountability partner, your cheerleader, and your wingman on the journey to success.

Inclusive and Impactful Program

Bloomfounder members enjoy access to our year-round event calendar program. These programmes provide an excellent opportunity for founders and business owners to network, build relationships and share ideas.

Early Access & Discounts

As a Bloomfounder member, you get early access to new resources, unrestricted access to exclusive content that we curate for members of the community as well as discounts for you and your team.