Financial Planning for your Business

Have you ever wondered how global companies such as Coca Cola, Facebook, MTN, Apple, Interswitch, GTB, MTN, Cargill etc. manage to stay true to their year on year (YoY) growth, while introducing new processes, experiences, features, customers, products and models? Well, these growth and mature companies continue to strengthen their strategic finance function and financial performance by creating a detailed financial plan a.k.a a budget to guide management, revenue growth, target setting, hiring, spending, strategic projects and the long term financial strength.

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I know that you have hit the ground running and are super charged for the months ahead. However, if you do not have your monthly budget broken down by units, business lines, customers, transaction volume, transaction value or revenue, I would like to ask you to pause and allow us to show you how to build your 1 year budget in 72hours or less with this ultimate, simplified course.